Saturday, November 26, 2011

-Day 10-

Songs You listen to when You are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped or

Looks like it's been a while since I last blogged... Finally i'm back and I'm on blogging mode..LOL! So yea..this time my challenge is about music.. Something that is very very very CLOSE to my heart.. Music is my LIFE! Songs that I listen to? I have a loooong list.. Haha! I don't really have any song in particular.. I just listen to whatever song which is nice at that moment.. More of a carnatic music listening to those kindda music.. Especially the Alaipayuthey and Nee Nenaindal song..So soothing! Totally calms me down =). At the moment, I'm in love with Stereo Hearts...I can just listen to it the whole day.. Love the music n the words =).. My other fav songs are Faraway.. Mohombi, Say Jambo! Bumpy Ride and Coconut Tree! Can make me go on dance mode.. Danza Kuduro is another song that can make me go on hyper mode..Anywhere or anytime..this song is like a starter for me! On dance mode...

Monday, September 26, 2011


Nowadays...I think too much and I wonder a lot.. like so many things are running in my mind at the same time...I dunno which one to think about first.. Been thinking about stuff and I get too emotional at times.. Feel like things have changed a lot.. I can see a difference.. hurts at times to think about stuff...but there's nothing that I can do about it.. All I know is... Gotta just go with the flow..and carry on with life.. I cant expect everything to be with me all the time...I know I'm bound to have changes...nothing remains forever..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

- Day 09 -

Something that you're proud of in these past few days..

Things have changed.... I feel like I can see a difference! I'm proud of myself coz I've been able to get rid my home-sickness syndrome.. Don't really miss home as how I used to miss. That's a really good thing.. been more like myself now.. Having fun! Going out..Mixing around and actually socializing! Not the quiet lil girl who just arrived in Auckland anymore..LOL!

I'm able to manage on my own.. Dont really depend on anyone.. I admit being the youngest I'm pampered all the time..but itz not the type of pampered-ness that you people think.. I am independent and I'm capable of doing my own stuff..